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Unlocking High-Salinity Desalination

HYREC’s, Osmotically Assisted Reverse Osmosis(OARO) overcomes the limitations of Reverse Osmosis and offers an alternative to thermal concentrators. In a multi-stage cascade, OARO produces desalinated water and a concentrate of up to 260,000 ppm salinity. More water and resources are recovered and waste volume is minimized. OARO can be tailored to customer needs for concentration, desalination, Zero Liquid Discharge, and waste minimization.

The Technology

The permeate flows from the high-pressure side to the low-pressure side of the membranes, as in standard RO. Unlike RO, however, OARO utilizes two feed streams: The first feed stream is the same RO feed stream, dewatered through the membranes and leaving the module with increased concentration. Some of this concentrated RO stream is then recycled back to the opposite side of the membranes as a second feed stream; it is diluted through the membranes and leaves the module with decreased concentration. The reduced osmotic-pressure difference between the feed and the permeate sides allows the treatment of ultra-saline feeds at pressures as low as 70 bars. Therefor, OARO’s maximum recovery is not limited by the burst pressure of standard RO membranes.