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Sodium Sulfate Recovery & Concentration

Industrial Grade Salt Recovery

Coal-to-chemical process starts with a coal gasifier, followed by the unit operations necessary to convert the gasification products into alternative fuels and chemicals such as methanol, ammonia, fertilizers, and olefins.

These plants require large volumes of water. Coal resources in China are in the north and northwest, both water-stressed regions. Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces have more than 80% of the coal with less than 10% of the water resources. Therefore, the government mandated zero liquid discharge (ZLD) for all new coal to chemical plants.

The latest trend is to produce high-purity industrial grade salts from ZLD systems. Chloride and sulfate are the most common ions and sodium sulfate and sodium chloride are the major salts acquired from coal to chemical ZLD process.

The latest trend is to produce high purity industrial grade salts from ZLD systems. Chloride and Sulfate ions are mostly the two major ions in most cases and sodium sulfate and sodium chloride are two expected major salts from coal to chemical ZLD process.

Sodium Chloride Brine Recovery & Concentration

High Concentration NaCl Brine Recovery from RO Reject Stream

Low-cost salt is not always available for chlor-alkali and soda ash producers. Hyrec offers them an economically attractive solution to secure their salt needs and obtain fresh water in the process: Up to 26wt% purified brine can be produced by Hyrec’s technology and fed directly into chlor-alkali and soda ash production.


Zero Liquid Discharge

Better ZLD Management with OARO Concentration

Zero Liquid Discharge systems typically use thermal processes to evaporate wastewaters in a brine concentrator and further process them in a brine crystallizer or an evaporation pond. These systems are expensive to install and have high energy consumption.

Hyrec’s OARO Brine Concentrator can replace thermal evaporators in the middle stage of the Zero Liquid Discharge to improve energy and cost efficiencies and to enable recovery of valuable salt by-products.

What This Means for You:

Hyrec OARO technology rapidly replaces with traditional thermal brine concentrators and enable concentration step of Zero Liquid Discharge performed with a membrane technology.

  • Hyrec OARO technology is a membrane-based alternative to traditional thermal brine concentrators in the Zero Liquid Discharge process.
  • High water recovery for reuse
  • Lower operating costs
  • Recovery of valuable salt by-products
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Scalable systems
  • Brine concentration of up to 250,000 ppm