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Water Technology Idol – Distinction


HYREC’s  Osmotically Assisted Reverse Osmosis (OARO) is a membrane-based technology for desalination of high salinity brines.

OARO enhances the recovery of reverse osmosis for high salinity brines and consumes less energy than thermal brine concentration methods.



SWCC and HYREC Signed MoU to Use Hyrec’s Concentration Technology at SWCC Plants 

Saudi Arabia’s Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) and Hyrec Technologies Ltd. signed Memorandum of Understanding to deploy Hyrec’s Osmotically Assisted Reverse Osmosis (OARO) technology for Zero Liquid Discharge desalination in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Memorandum of Understanding was signed at the 2019 Saudi Water Forum in Riyadh by Eng. Ali bin Abdulrahman al Hazmi, the Governor of SWCC, and Hyrec’s CEO Dr. Basel Abu Sharkh.

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SMART WATER & WASTE WORLD: There is More than ZLD for Textile Plants in India

RO is the most efficient method to desalinate low-salinity water streams. RO concentrates wastewater to approximately up to 10% TDS with an osmotic pressure of 59 bar. For higher salinities, thermal technologies are used to concentrate brine streams to approximately 20-25% TDS brine. But thermal systems are costly, and high-pressure RO systems need special membranes which increase CAPEX and OPEX.

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CHEMICAL ENGINEERING: Industrial Grade Salt Recovery from Zero Liquid Discharge Process

A process that increases the water-recovery from reverse osmosis (RO) while producing a salt byproduct is being developed by Hyrec (Urla/Izmir,Turkey; www.hyrec.co). The process, which uses osmotically assisted RO (OARO), could be especially beneficial in coal-to-chemicals (CTC) plants in China, which require large volumes of water, but are in water-stressed regions, says business development specialist Günseli Mendi.

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